Author & Marketer​

The author of two books, the marketer & General Manager of Marketing LAB, the man who is constantly looking for new experiences

I started writing because I thought words can change the world. Eventually I realized that they could do much more…


Something's Missing

That's why we all struggle. To get what we don't have. For some people this is greed while for others this is progress. It may be both. A story inspired by what we are missing and people's efforts to get it. Simple human stories and political corruption merge into a story with unexpected plot.

Marketing Breakfast:
Learn It & Apply It

A practical guide that guides the reader to take his / her first steps in marketing. Through the theoretical part of the book, the reader will understand how a marketer must work while through the practical part he / she will create his own marketing strategy and plan.


All the experiences of the author, all the moments of his life, every word he heard and said, every feeling or emotion he felt, can be found in his books. This is my philosophy as a writer, this is what I did in my two books, and I am doing this in the third one that is coming. And if the reader believe that he lived my stories, then my books will be successful.


For more than fifteen years in the field of marketing, I never stopped learning and collecting experiences. But it would be selfish to keep this knowledge for myself, so through Marketing LAB, the only Marketing Center in Cyprus, and “Marketing Breakfast: Understand & Apply” we offer them to anyone who needs them.


My CV…. my studies and my professional experience. What else do I like? Reading books, drinking a glass of good whisky with my wife, riding my motorcycle, and traveling. You will find more about me in my books, somewhere there, between the characters you can find me.

The successes and failures of our lives must be measured by the size of our dreams
Giorgos Kitis
Author & Marteter
Triumph is about doing the right thing and not the convenient (from Something’s missing…)