Kati leipei


All of them have their own secret motivation and a common goal… to obtain what they are missing…

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Pavlos, a photographer with a successful career, has accepted a surprising proposal from the president of the «Proodeytiki Anaptyxi» political party to be a candidate as a member of The House of the Parliament in the next elections. However, his enthusiasm doesn’t last long because Eva, the love of his life, decided to leave him. It doesn’t take long for Anna, a sad and enigmatic model to come into his life.

Alexandros, Pavlos’ best friend and a prominent journalist, gets an anonymous phone call which motivates him to investigate Elena’s life, a teenage drug addict whose life is full of secrets.

Pavlos is trying to become elected as a member of Parliament with the help of Anna who is looking to escape her past and find peace of mind. Eva is re-entering Pavlos’ life and Alexandros is trying to learn more about the people who are behind Elena, who is trying to escape the world of drugs.

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